Kerala lies to the south- west of India. It is a small strip of land. It lies close to the equator than other states in India.

Its coastline extends to 580 km
On three sides it is bordered by land area. It has borders with Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. To the west of Kerala lies the Arabian sea.
Kerala consists of:
Highlands occupy a total of 48 percent of the total land area. Here the crops grown are coffee, rubber and various other spices.
Midlands lie between the highlands and lowlands. It consists of highlands and lowlands. It forms about 40 percent of the land area. Here cashew, coconut, arecaut, tiapioca, banana and various other vegetables.
Coastal area forms the lowlands. It is made up of lagoons, deltas, backwaters. Here coconut and rice are the main crops.
There area total of 44 rivers, of which 41 are west flowing and 3 are east flowing. Vembanad and ashtamudi lakes are the two main lakes. Shastamkotta lake is the largest natural fresh water lake.
28.88 percent of land area is forest. The kerala forests consists of Tropical wet Evergreen forests, Tropical Moist Deciduous forests, tropical Dry Deciduous forests, Mountain Sub tropical and Plantation. The forests area is mainly in the Western Ghats region.