Kerala has an equable type of climate all round the year. It lies closer to the equator than other Indian States of India. The land of Kerala lies so close to the sea. The land is diverse in terrain. The seasons of Kerala ranges from winter, summer, South-West monsoon and North-East Monsoon. Climate: Although Kerala lies close to the equator, its proximity with the sea and the presence of the fort like Western Ghats, provides it with an equable climate which varies little from season to season. The temperature varies from 27° to 32° C. Southwest Monsoon and Retreating Monsoon ( Northeast Monsoon ) are the main rainy seasons. Kerala receives an average rainfall of 118 inches (3,000 millimeters) annually.

Climatic condition of the Earth has been changing over the past few year. This global change in weather have their effect on Kerala as well. The information provided here is based on the details available over the past 50 years. Monsoon Tourism is gaining popularity in Kerala. It gives scope to experience the intrinsic beauty of Kerala.